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How to Dispose of Other Items


You can compost leaf + yard debris at home: For pick-up, check to see if/when your city/town collects it. Leaf + yard debris can be set out in paper lawn bags, but never in plastic bags.

You can compost food scraps (but no meat, dairy or processed foods) at home too: If you do not compost at home, all food waste goes in the trash.

Take bags/film that are clean, dry + stretchable to any large grocery, pharmacy or big-box store in RI. No clingy food wrap, fertilizer/pesticide bags or any labeled "biodegradable" or "compostable."

Take any dry, odorless textile (even torn, stained or non-apparel items like sheets) to any "clothing" bin in RI. There is a bin at RIRRC too. No rugs, carpeting, or rags covered in hazardous waste (e.g.motor oil).

Look for words like hazardous, poisonous, toxic, flammable, combustable, etc. Make an appointment to drop these items off at an Eco-Depot event: or 942-1430 X 241.

Place needles & lancets in a hard plastic container, seal, and label as "SHARPS," then either schedule an appointment for dropping the container off at an Eco-Depot event, or place the container in the trash.

Check for a local drop-off or separate medication from its bottle and ruin it by crushing pills and/or mixing pills + liquids with something like coffee grounds before placing in the trash.

Check with your city/town for a local collection. RIRRC accepts TVs + computers (includling laptops + tablets) in the state program: Your local program may take "anything with a plug".

Save scrap metal for an occasional trip to a drop-off center. Check with your city/town for a local option. You can also bring it to a private metal recycler where you may be paid for it:

Check with a local UPS or FedEx store to see if they accept peanuts. For other clean, dry foam check with your city or town or bring to RIRRC for free: Spongy foam goes in the trash.

Take donatable books, CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes to any "book" donation bin in the state, such as Discover Books. There is a bin at RIRRC too: rirrc:org/dropoff.

Fats, oils and grease should never go down the drain. Cooking oil (vegetable, corn, olive) can be dropped off for conversion to biofuel. Check with your city/town or take to RIRRC:

Check with your city/town for a local collection of bulky plastics, tires, mattresses, appliances, etc. You can also take these to RIRRC (fees may apply):

Check with your city/town for a local collection, or hire a waste removal company. You can also bring it to RIRRC directly, for a fee:

Items made up of equal amounts of different materials or 3+ different materials cannot be recycled. Find special programs at or place in the trash.

If you are unsure about an item or want to find out if it is eligible for recycling through another special program not listed here, please visit our A-Z list at