Why Recycle together ri

  • Why Recycle Together

    The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation Board of Commissioners is proud and excited to bring you Recycle Together RI. This is a new way of thinking about recycling-one that truly connects what it’s all about and why recycling is so important to our state. The keys are the 4 E’s: Ease, Environment, Economy, and Each Other.

    Ease: Recycling is now easier than ever before. It’s now OK to mix your recyclables together in either your blue or green bin or cart. More plastics can now be recycled, making it easier to separate your trash from your recyclables. And you no longer have to worry about which number plastic is right for RI. Just ask yourself these two questions when wondering about whether to recycle a particular plastic: Is it a container? Does it hold fewer than two gallons? If the answer to both is yes, recycle!

    Environment: We all get it, right? That recycling is good for the environment? But let’s talk specifics: more plastics in your recycling bin means fewer plastics in our ponds, streams, rivers, and Narragansett Bay; more plastics in your recycling bin means less energy required to make new plastics from scratch – and the less energy we use, the less pollution we create in our air, on our land and in our water. And with Recycle Together RI, you can now recycle more plastics than ever before! Recycling all your materials together in the same bin means that recycling trucks don’t spend as much time out on the road. This saves gas and cuts down on exhaust fumes, making our air easier to breathe. More paper recycling means more trees get to keep doing what they do best-cleaning our air and keeping our homes cool.

    Economy: Did you know that recycling is one of the original green industries? The recycling industry has been around for hundreds of years, and it keeps growing. For every one job in landfilling or burning trash, there are five potential jobs in recycling and reuse. Recycling in RI keeps our taxpayer dollars local. Recycling at the Materials Recycling Facility in Johnston is free, but throwing trash away costs $32 per ton. Free is a great choice! And at the end of the year, RIRRC shares the profits made from selling RI’s recyclables back with each RI city and town. The more the city or town recycles, the more money they get back. No cost to recycle PLUS money back at the end of the year? Recycling pays.

    Each Other: Recycling is good for the community. It saves precious resources – including landfill space – for the next generation of Rhode Islanders. Recycling is a way of showing that you care, and the more people show each other that they care about their neighborhood, their street, and their block, the more we’ll all enjoy living in this wonderful state. Let’s Recycle Together RI, for the environment, for the economy, and for each other.